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Spring has arrived—and that often sparks the urge among homeowners to roll up their sleeves and embark on a few home improvement projects around the house. But where to start?

To help kick-start the process, we asked some renovation experts what are the best home improvement projects to do during spring. Some are worth the time and effort because they’ll set you up for the lazy, hazy days of summer. Other upgrades are smart if you’re preparing to sell your home during this busy home-buying season.

So whether you hope to enhance your curb appeal or just enjoy your abode more now that warm weather is on its way, consider this list of the best spring renovation projects to try right now.

1. Stain your deck

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As the weather warms up and the sun comes out, you’re almost certainly going to want to spend way more time outside. And a nice deck can transform your outdoor space, providing the perfect spot to watch your kids and pets play in the yard while you sling burgers for your friends.

if your deck is looking a little shabby, one easy improvement is to stain it—to either change the color or just accentuate the wood grain. Staining is also good for your deck.

Craig Martin of SPIRE Architecture in Annapolis, MD, even recommends staining or sealing your deck once a year. Here’s more on how to stain a deck.

How ambitious are you? If you don’t already have a deck to lounge on, building one may be a great spring home improvement project, too. While it may be pricey, according to Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report, a new wooden deck will net you a 69% return on investment when you decide to sell.

2. Add a new railing to your porch

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If your front porch is looking a little ho-hum or drab, a new railing can make a world of difference. You could give your home a classic wood-tone railing for a natural feel, go with a colored railing to give your home a pop of visual interest, or go a little crazy with a Chippendale railing (a hot trend on HGTV).

“Designing a well-curated front porch not only adds value to your home, but it also creates another opportunity for [you] to increase your living space,” says Dawn T. Totty, a designer based in Chattanooga, TN. “Think of it as your outdoor living room.”

3. Install a new mailbox

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Looking for an easy upgrade? A new mailbox—or an old mailbox with a new look—can add some delightful character to your front yard.

Consider giving your mailbox a new color, or planting some flowers around the base. Or perhaps you’d like a smart mailbox that’ll protect your deliveries. Whatever your reason, a new or refreshed mailbox can amp up your curb appeal, where first impressions really count! Here’s more on how to install a mailbox.

4. Build a fire pit

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A fire pit makes for a cozy ambiance, and it will certainly be a highlight of a weekend gathering once you bust out those marshmallows.

Best of all? You can even make your fire pit a DIY project.

Choose the right spot for your fire pit: a place in your yard that is flat, without low-hanging trees or branches nearby. Then, make sure you pick the right materials, either large stones or cast-concrete curved blocks. You’ll get to decide on the size and shape of your pit, plus choose if you want it to be gas or wood-burning. Here’s more on how to build a fire pit.

5. Upgrade your garden

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Of course, spring is a time to tend or replant that garden; but this year, skip the typical tulips and daisies and try something new.

For one, you can add some edible plants—a smart way to save money and indulge in the farm-to-table dining trend. Or you can build a butterfly garden, which is good for the environment. (What’s more beautiful than seeing butterflies flit around your yard?)

6. Update your address display

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Spring is about new life, so why not give your doorway a fresh take with your address display?

If you have a picky HOA, it may be hard to change your address display too drastically, but for those who have the freedom to do so, upgrading those numbers can be a great way to personalize your doorway and brighten up your entryway.

And the best part is that there are so many different ways to do it: You could go full-out for spring and put your address on colorful planters, put lights behind the numbers for easy reading at night, or get artsy with colorful tile or painted bricks. Here are some address display ideas.

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