My Thoughts On Cheap Houses For Sale

There were many houses for sale in the country that we found affordable. Ana, my wife, and I went on a seven-week road trip around the country. We were on vacation and looked at houses. However, we also bought a house in a small town in western Montana. After spending $2000 on repairs, it cost $17,500. We lived there for several more months before it was sold for $28,000. Anaconda was a great place to visit. Fly fish anywhere else, watch a 3-dollar movie in an old art-deco theatre (5th most beautiful in America, according to Smithsonian), eat at a fine restaurant and stop by the bar for $1 beers, all this within four blocks. You can find good schools, churches, and Twildlife, including bears, within a few hundred meters of downtown. Why are there cheap houses for sale? Anaconda and nearby Butte have affordable houses because there aren’t many jobs. Anaconda was a great place to find work, but it wasn't always a good job. This is why so many…
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