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Quan Xinran listened to Heleno's nagging these days and was completely immune. In fact, it was her fault. She had nothing to say about the little princess. At that time, she should have said the little prince directly. Good, good, the little princess quickly drink porridge, eat more, strive to grow five big three thick, as soon as possible to knock down your father! After saying that, Quan Xinran himself couldn't help laughing. A girl who is five big and three thick can't look like a bodybuilding coach, King Kong Barbie? "Dye Bao!" Looking at the appearance of Quan Xinyan's cheating, Heliano frowned and could kill a fly. What did she say just now? His little princess, how could his baby daughter be five big and three thick? It's all right to knock down Daddy. The little princess must be white and fat, pink and tender! "Boring!" Quan Xin dyed Helian Nuo one eye, took the bowl of white porridge and ate it, saw the Plum Juice beside it and asked: "Nuo, what is that?" Black things, will not be Chinese medicine, right? If it was really Chinese medicine, she totally refused. Since childhood, she has to be coaxed and cheated, not to mention Chinese medicine, just thinking about her mouth is filled with bitter taste. Di Ye boils Plum Juice, can have some help to morning sickness! Heliano nodded and explained. Now if he hadn't read in Di Ye that sour plum soup would be helpful for morning sickness, he wouldn't have served it to Quan Xinran. He still knew the truth of sour children and hot girls. Therefore, it is absolutely possible to eat spicy food here in Heliano. You can eat whatever you want, and you can eat as much spicy food as you can. As for this sour thing, he will certainly consider it as appropriate. Hear is sour plum soup, right heart dye also rest assured,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, as long as it is not medicine on the line, hear sour things, right heart dye feel their appetite is very good, is it really like Heleno said, daughter likes to eat sour? Is there any scientific basis! Quan Xinran finished a bowl of porridge and drank Plum Juice it, which was already thin, and now she looked like her stomach was slightly bulging. This is still the early stage of pregnancy, and so on after the month of pregnancy longer, to that time their belly is getting bigger and bigger, that is not to be ugly? The more I think about myself, the more uncomfortable I feel. Heliano lowered his head and saw Quan Xinran frowning. He thought she was uncomfortable again. He quickly asked, "Ran Bao, where is it uncomfortable? Do you want to vomit again?" Now whenever she's a little uncomfortable, he feels like he's been shot in the heart. No, Magnesium Oxide powder ,Magnesium Oxide powder, I'm fine! When Quan Xinran saw that Heliano was about to hold her in his arms to find Di Ye, he quickly stopped her and told him about his worries just now: "I'm just thinking that the little princess will be getting bigger and bigger in the future, so I'll eat more than a pig and be fatter than a pig?" She had already sketched out her image at that time in her mind, and just thinking about it in her mind, she felt so scared that she was sweating all over and would probably have nightmares at night. Ha ha, it's better to get fat! Heliano laughed. Whether she was fat or thin, that was her, the one he liked. Uh Quan Xinran was a little upset by his laughter. If Ran Bao is a little fatter, he can do things. It's not annoying! Heliano leaned close to Quan Xinran and said something in her ear. Quan Xinran blushed and replied directly, "Oh, I don't like it now. What did you do earlier?" She is now working hard to develop her anti-flirting skills and is determined not to let Heleno succeed. Don't dislike, dye treasure is also very good now, fat point is better! Heliano bowed his head and kissed the tender red lips. Take a shower! Quan Xinran kicked Heliano on his calf. As long as he was with himself, his cleanliness was automatically shielded. Before that, as long as he went into the room, the first place he went was definitely the bathroom. Together Heliano got up leisurely, untied his cufflinks, and asked Quan Xinran. Quan Xin dyed the quilt and said, "The little princess said she didn't want to take a bath with Daddy!" She had just taken a bath. ……” Is he being rejected? Rest together Su Zhier listened to Ouyang Jiayi's words, just deliberately suppressed by their own grievances and all in the heart came up, she did not deliberately pretend to be strong, she also wanted to have a shoulder to lean on for a while, even for a while.
"Auntie, I, I'm thinking about what I shouldn't be thinking about and moving what I shouldn't be moving!" It was on her way back that this sentence suddenly came into her mind, and she thought it was very suitable for her. She should not miss, should not be tempted, should not take the initiative, take the initiative to want to be close to him, want to warm him, he did not even know what kind of person he is, what courage to stand beside him. As soon as Ouyang Jiayi heard this, he deduced that she should be in love. She went to sit down beside Su Zhier, hugged her into her arms and patted her on the back like a mother. She felt distressed beyond words: "Zhier, everyone comes into your life for a reason. There are good ones, and of course there are bad ones!" "The person who likes you will accompany you now, but the person who loves you will give you a better future, and the person who can follow you for a lifetime will understand your past, believe in your future, and tolerate your present." The night before Helian Shiyu wanted Ouyang Qirui to register for marriage, when Helian Shiyu went to Ouyang Jiayi and Helian Yu's room to get the household registration book, Ouyang Jiayi told his daughter. And now she said these words intact to the moment lying on his shoulder, clearly want to burst into tears but in order not to let others worry about their own efforts to endure Su Zhi son to listen. Ouyang Jiayi knew that Su Zhier would understand the truth and meaning of what she had just said. Maybe it's not love but not love. All right, drink the milk quickly and go back to your room to rest. How about going shopping with your aunt tomorrow? Ouyang Jiayi sent the cup filled with hot milk to Su Zhier again and told him. Since she came here these days, she has not been out shopping, these days about Helian Shiyu's wedding banquet has been prepared almost,calcium nitrate sol, tomorrow just have time to take her out. Ouyang Jiayi thought, maybe if she went shopping, her mood would be much better. stargrace-magnesite.com